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About Us

Extreme Performance is based on giving our customers the most competitve edge possible.  We are based in Northwest Iowa in Rock Valley Iowa.  Here at Extreme Performance we base our business on being the best in quality and done so in a fashionable time.  

tire cutting for tractor pulling, tractor pulling tire cutting
Pulling History


I have been pulling since I was a teenager with a 856 International.  I pulled in farm stock for years in the Great Plains Tractor Pulling Association.  My late brother Travis at the time was driving our superfarm called Extreme Pleasure.  After his passing in 2006 I took over the control in his memory and started pulling with the Outlaws.  Since then we have won OTTPA and ITPA points in the super farm division in 2008, Runner up 2010.  In 2012 we moved into the 9500 Limited Prostock division.  Since then we have run in the Diesel Super Stock Division competing in Louisville Kentucky at the Farm Machinery Show and now moving into the 10,200 Pro Stock Class

Our Beliefs 

Here at Extreme Performance family is a big part of our success to our business.  My family helps out a lot around the shop and is very supportive.  At Extreme Performance we want to treat our customers like family by giving as much support as possible to make sure you have the most competitive edge to succeed as possible.

Teaming up with Keizer Aluminum Rims


In 2012 Extreme Performance and Keizer aluminum rims met up to design a new pulling aluminum wheel.  With Keizer Aluminum Rims being known nationwide for there products it didnt take long for them to come out with the product every puller wanted.  Making the strongest, lightest and best appearing rims in the market Keizer Aluminum Rims definitely earned there spot in the sport of truck and tractor pulling. 

With our customers having success at the biggest events in the nation our tires speak for themselves.  Points and Natinal Chamopions in many different states, levels and organizations our tires prove to take you to the top and keep you there.  With our excellent customer service and support we are honored to work with you and take you to the level you deserve to be at.


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